• Our History

GTS offers a variety of services to all of my clients, customized to fit their specific needs. Are you a large corporation looking for a step-by-step plan of action? Or, are you are a small start-up just beginning your business? No matter what your needs are, we are here to provide you guidance every step of the way. Take a look below to see what we can do for you.

Our Commitment:

  • Top-quality with cost-effective solutions
  • End-to-end coverage for our client’s products
  • Unbiased QA reporting
  • Best practices and strategies to cater to the unique software QA testing needs
  • Creating and innovating QA/Testing solutions
  • Customized service models aligned with our client’s needs and goals
  • Create a challenging and rewarding work environment
  • Provide effective and efficient QA and testing services to all our clients
  • Provide quality employee programs for recruitment, development, motivation, and retention

Not many independent QA testing service providers can blend top quality with cost-effective solutions the way we do. Excellence, Partnership, and Commitment are the three hallmarks with which we approach our clients; we believe you will see this in our service.

  • Corporate Culture

Our company core values are the basis for how we cooperate internally and externally, in order to achieve our goals. At GTS, these core values have permeated every aspect of our work, from day one, and they are still the guiding light we use to get different personalities and cultures to collaborate and work towards a common goal. The core values form our company culture and are our guide for continued success.

  • Enjoyment & Innovation

We are passionate about our work and strive to lead the way. We encourage each other to share ideas for developing ourselves, the company and our clients’ business. Together, we create a dynamic working environment where everyone is essential.

  • Future & Relationships

We believe in our business idea, and the market is expanding. For us, good relationships bring growth. We want to establish long-term business relationships with colleagues and clients. We work towards common goals and view success as a result of shared efforts.

  • Quality & Proactivity

We never compromise on quality. We set the same requirements as our clients do on delivery precision, project completion, and business ethics. We adhere to well-developed methods and processes. Our employees strive to remain a step ahead so they can identify and suggest timely improvements.

  • Responsibility & Respect

We value diversity and view differences as an asset. We maintain an open company culture where all are welcome and where everyone can grow. We are all open-minded and want everyone to enjoy working with us.

  • Our motto: We create new opportunities
  • Clients

We offer our clients opportunities for growth by serving as a stable, long-term, professional partner. Our processes ensure high quality in every delivery. By relying on us, clients can focus on their core business.

  • Colleagues

We believe every individual can grow by taking on responsibility in a supportive, encouraging atmosphere. We offer continuous development, clear career paths, and a stimulating working environment. Every employee must feel needed, liked and essential to the team.

  • Society

We want to play a vital role in society and contribute to positive development in the local workplace and abroad. We support aid projects and non-profit organizations and share knowledge with universities and schools.

  • Social responsibility

Our ideal of creating new opportunities permeates everything we do for our clients, colleagues, and society. We want to be active in a larger sphere and contribute to positive social change. This can mean working to create better circumstances for children and for young people who have limited resources, so they can build a bright future, but it also means contributing our expertise to schools and universities. This is why we support charity organizations, both locally and globally, and realize our own charity projects.